Organic Coffee Beans

Organic coffee is a label/descriptive term that signifies the coffee is grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

To guarantee this organic status the green coffee is typically certified by the proper international agency and/or other third-party agency, which allows roasters to label their roasted coffee as Organic with a proper paper trail.

Coffees can be grown organically however, without going through the expensive and time consuming process of becoming certified. While they aren’t allowed to be marketed as “Organic” without certification, they can be labelled “Organically Grown”.

Benefits of Organic Certification

Due to the higher costs involved with certification, and also the lower yields, organic coffee usually costs more than non-organic coffee, though many consumers appreciate the benefits not only to their own health but also to the health of the coffee farmers and the environment.

A number of other practices are taught along with the Organic certification process, including natural methods of pest management.

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  1. Note that “organic” products cannot be genetically engineered or have any genetically engineered inputs.

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