Best Medium Roast Coffees

Characteristics of a Medium Roast

A Medium Roast is usually sweeter than a Light Roast with a spicy flavor, and lacking the grain taste of a Light Roast. The caffeine content will be less than a light roast, but more than a dark roast. Ultimately, you don’t want to decide your roast based on caffeine content, but on flavor.

Medium Roasts also have a more balanced aroma and acidity (the acidity is typically bright) than a light roast, as the organic acids and flavor compounds have had time to develop during the additional roasting. While “specialty” roasters (eg. real coffee snobs) will prefer a light roast, the majority of people will prefer a medium roast as it begins to impart some actual coffee flavor. Our top 5 Medium Roast Coffees choices based on customer feedback are:

  1. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  2. Costa Rican Tarrazu
  3. Kenya AA
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Hawaiian Kona

Difference Between Medium Roast and Dark Roast

The coffee beans generally remain dry when given a Medium Roast, not yet revealing any oils as in a Darker Roast. This is not an absolute rule however, as any good coffee roaster will roast a coffee to a medium roast profile, even if it means going darker than usual. The color of a Medium Roast is usually milk chocolate brown. Since the organic compounds in coffee are destroyed the longer it is roasted, a medium roast can be generally considered healthier than a dark roast. While the differences between single origins and growing elevations will make a larger difference, it’s worth keeping in mind.

Synonyms for Medium Roast

Medium Roasts are also referred to as American Roast, Breakfast Roast, Brown Roast, City Roast, Medium-Brown Roast, Medium High Roast, Regular Roast, and Standard American Roast.

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