Nigerian Coffee Beans

Coffee production as well as consumption have been increasing in Nigeria. Coffee consumption in Nigeria grew 5% in 2010 in part due to an increase in Nescafe mobile kiosks and 37% market share in the instant coffee sector.

Nescafe’s products for Nigeria are manufactured in the Ivory Coast and distributed to various locations in West Africa. Nestle holds more than 60% of the market share in Nigeria.

Nigerian Coffee Plants and Industry Being Rejuvenated

In recent years old coffee plantations in Nigeria have been rehabilitated and old coffee plants rejuvenated typically by de-capping the plants to a height of about 1.5 meters.

There have also been new techniques utilized for propagating Robusta plants, and more than 110 varietals of Arabica coffee plants are being tested on the Mambilla Plateau in an effort to improve the country’s coffee industry.

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New coffee plant cultivation and fertilization methods are also being established in Nigeria to improve the yield of the coffee plants, and a coffee marketing campaign strategy has begun showing positive results.

Also improving the overall quality has been the adoption of wet method processing of the coffee cherry.

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  1. I am a coffee machant in Nigeria and i have been looking for the company that can buy from our company.I will be glad to get a company that will be collectig from us every season. We have a big machine that can refine to the tune of export.We can get either Robusta nor Arabica coffee. Right now we have up to 20tons of robusta coffee. Thanks

    1. Hi
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      Many Thanks

    2. Good day Mr Benjamin, I am Olaitan, the marketing manager of Tanwolabam Nigeria Limited. I need the price of Nigeria green coffee beans 1kg and can I get 1 ton and which state do you reside in Nigeria

    3. I really need information about your company and also need to know the prices if possible includes contacts informations.


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    5. i will like to have your phone number so that we can discuss personally . i am interested in buying Arabica coffee.

  2. I love Nestle Nescafe b’cos gives me to the right waking sense direction and more pleasure I do achiev only with Nescafe. Thank U nestle for good food U have brought to this wouderful World . Hmmmmm Nescafe

  3. Please give me information about your coffee seeds, unprocessed, just clean, sun-dried coffee seeds. We want just some quantities at first , and later larger quantities if the product proves satisfactory. Let me read from you soon.

    Chinuru Nwosu

  4. I tried coffee from Nigeria back in 2013 from two different sources and both were terrible. They tasted very bitter and musty, almost a dirt-like flavor but not the earthy flavor that a lot of African coffees are known for it was much more.. dirty. Has it really improved in the recent years? Can someone recommend a good brand?

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