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Learn about the harvesting and processing of green coffee as well as the grading and roasting and the grinding and packaging of coffee.

All coffee and espresso that you buy, whether in the supermarket or at specialty retailers and roasters, is comprised of single origin coffees. Companies roast, blend, refine and balance a trademark flavour and call it a blend with the aim of creating consistency in flavor for their customers and drive repeat sales – once you find that one special coffee you love, it’s hard to go elsewhere.

It’s typically worth diving into the world of single origin coffees to really nail down which flavours you like so that you have some leeway to move between different coffee brands, and single origins are usually at a lower price point. In general, North American coffees tend to be on the milder and sweeter side, African coffees tend to be earthy and bright/citrusy and Asian/Indonesian coffees tend to be more on the spicy/floral side. These characteristics are all enhanced (or muted) by different roasts and brewing methods.

Jump right into the Top 10 Best Coffees in the World, or browse for yourself below.

Want to know more about the best single origin coffees from around the world? Drill down further into:

Finally we provide you with comprehensive information about storing coffee, brewing coffee, espresso drink recipes, and the information about the esteemed coffee beverage.

Also described in the All About Coffee section is the many varietals of coffee plants, the intricacies of the coffee cherry, and the finer qualities of the best coffee beansFrom Soil to Sip, Bean to Brew.

You’ve heard of the differences between Arabica and Robusta beans, but did you know that Arabica has a number of sub-varietals? The three most well known as Bourbon, Typica and Heirloom, but even these have more classifications and varieties. The most specific categories are often named after the location they were discovered, but farmers are known to merge two different strains to create a cultivar – a coffee bred by humans for specific qualities.

Coffee Tasting Notes – The Finer Qualities of Coffee

Then we provide a full description of coffee flavors – including the body, aroma, acidity, bitterness, sweetness, and aftertaste.

Lastly we provide tips on coffee cupping – how the professionals taste coffee and evaluate it, and then we add in some great coffee quotes and even a coffee quiz.

Coffee Terms and History

Also check out the most comprehensive Coffee Terms ever written, and also the World’s Best History of Coffee.

Did you know: There’s no such thing as an “espresso bean” – espressos are just regular coffee beans that are typically roasted dark. Roasters will frequently blend in robusta beans for additional flavor and caffeine.

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  1. Time ago ,one friend give me a packket of Burundi coffee.It was a quality product of OCIBU in Bujumbura . The question is …Can I buy this Burundi coffee (pure arabica) in my country Belgium ? So yes…is it possible to know where – can you tell me that? …Thank you very much . Renaat .

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