Old Government Coffee Beans

Old Government coffee is an aged, monsooned coffee grown on the old colonial estates on the east end of Java Island in Indonesia. These green coffee beans which are milled but not yet roasted are exposed to moist, warm air throughout the rainy season.

The Coffee Bean Monsooning Process

The monsooning of the Old Government coffee beans may continue for as long as three years and results in a strengthening of the coffee’s taste, a weakening of its acidity as well as a distinct color change from the original green tint of the coffee beans to a light brown color.

Old Government coffee is a mature coffee with a taste intended to mimic the taste of the original Java coffee that was inadvertently aged in the hulls of ships traveling to Europe in the 1700s and 1800s.

It’s rare to find Old Government Java, however there are other coffees that are more commonly found such as Aged Sumatra Gold.

Old Government Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

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