Espresso Coffee

What is Espresso?

The beverage espresso is made in an espresso machine (espresso coffee maker) for pressurized extraction, forcing very hot water under high pressure through a compressed bed of roasted, ground coffee (espresso means “pressed out”).

Espresso Is Also the Name of a Roast Type

The term espresso also refers to a type of coffee roast (Espresso Roast) resulting in a particular style of roasted coffee bean (see Espresso Beans) that are often used in espresso machines to brew espresso.

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Espresso Is a Culture!

Lastly, the term espresso is used in a broader sense to denote the whole espresso cuisine based around the brewed espresso beverage and the associated traditional menu of espresso-based gourmet coffee drinks (espresso drinks), many of which utilize steamed milk or cream as well as the associated foam.

Espresso Coffee – The Classic and Traditional Espresso

The classic espresso consists of one shot of espresso (about 1½ ounces), best served in a pre-heated, 3-ounce demitasse (French for “half cup).

Coffee Beans Used for Espresso

Coffee beans used for making espresso are usually given a Dark Roast (e.g., Espresso Roast) and the grind size is typically very fine, producing a concentrated coffee beverage.

Gourmet Espresso and Coffee Brewing Tips

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