Coffee Roasters

Drum Roasters – Roasting Temperature

Many coffee roasters are heated with propane gas, using electricity to drive a drum. A typical roasting temperature ranges from 370 to 540 °F (188 to 282 °C).

Air Roasting Coffee

An air roaster uses a strong upflow of hot air to both heat and agitate the green coffee beans, while a drum roaster is a vaned metal drum that roasts coffee beans using heat of the metal drum and possibly also heat provided by a flow of hot air.

Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters

A Fluid Bed Roaster is an air roaster that agitates and roasts the green coffee beans using a column of hot air, very similar to how a popcorn poppers works. The Fluid Bed Roaster is also called a Sivetz Roaster after Michael Sivetz who invented it.

Batch Roasters

A batch roaster is a coffee roaster that roasts a specific pre-set quantity (batch) of coffee beans at one time. A continuous roaster is a coffee roaster suitable for large batches of commercial coffee, and which roasts the coffee continuously rather than in consecutive batches.

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