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The Republic of Ghana in West Africa is bordered on the north by Burkina Faso, on the west by the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), on the south by  the Gulf of Guinea and on the east by Togo. The name Ghana means “Warrior King” and comes from the ancient Ghana Empire.

Ghana has recently made efforts to double its coffee production to 3,000 metric tons and expand acreage planted in coffee to nearly 5,000 acres.

Ghana Coffee continued:

Known predominantly as the world’s second largest cocoa producer, Ghana is increasingly entering the coffee market.

Ghana’s relatively small coffee production makes it the third smallest coffee producer in sub-Saharan Africa behind Liberia and the Central African Republic (which produce about 600 tons each annually).

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All are dwarfed by Ethiopia’s coffee production of more than 250,000 tons in a single harvest season (typically from October to September). The only country to surpass Ghana in cocoa production is the Ivory Coast which picks about 132,000 tons of coffee in a harvest season.

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Ghana Coffee Plant Varietals and Production

The primary coffee plant varietal grown in Ghana is Robusta which is considered to be a lower grade coffee than Arabica.

Coffees of Ghana continued:

In the 1997-1998 harvest season Ghana exported 10,000 metric tons but then exports declined due to various causes including a poor pricing policy as well as declining world coffee market prices.

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    1. Hi ,my name is Ilvio and am a Canadian doing business in Accra, Ghana our company is in the process to deal with the Government of Ghana to have the authority in all the Plantation of coffee we are looking for investors .

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