Liberica Coffee Beans

A coffee plant species (Coffea Liberica) that is third in importance among commercially produced coffees behind Arabica (Coffea arabica including Bourbon coffee Heirloom varietal and Typica coffee) and Robusta (Coffea canephora var. robusta), but moreso than Excelsa.

Liberica coffee trees grow up to 18 meters tall and have large leaves with a leathery surface as well as large seeds (coffee beans).

While learning about the different coffee varietals can be fun and interesting, we recommend choosing your coffee based on personal taste preferences rather than arbitrary genetic distinctions.

Liberica Coffee Growing Regions

Grown primarily in West Africa and Malaysia, Liberica is not as widely grown as Arabica coffee plants or Robusta coffee plants because of Liberica’s generally inferior flavor and aroma characteristics compared to those other coffee varieties.

Coffee and Espresso Brewing Regions

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