Ethiopian Harrar Mocha Coffee Beans

Harrar Mocha is a grade of Ethiopian Harrar coffee grown in the eastern region of Ethiopia (the other grades are Harrar Longberry coffee and Harrar Shortberry).

Harrar Mocha Peaberry Coffee Beans

Harrar Mocha consists of peaberry coffee beans, which are coffee beans that develop in the fruit (coffee cherry) as a single bean rather than two half beans. It is unclear whether the quality of the brewed coffee from peaberry Harrar beans is superior to that of Ethiopian Harrar Longberry or Shortberry Harrar.

Dry Processing Creates Exotic Flavors

Ethiopian Harrar premium gourmet coffee is notable for its heavy body with very fragrant and spicy tastes. A wild and exotic dry processed coffee, Harrar coffee is quite exotic and wild, and distinguished for its fruity and winey, floral-toned acidity. Harrar coffees are bright in the cup, and the aroma is pungent, rich, and heady with notes of blackberries.

A fine Harrar coffee has a very interesting dry edge to it, and sometimes a surprisingly pleasant, slightly fermented aftertaste including intense notes of jasmine.

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