Coffee Beans from Central and South America

Coffees from the Americas are best known for their light to medium body with a balanced and clean mouthfeel. American coffees typically exhibit a slight sweetness in the flavor which is often accented by a sparkling, crisp, and lively acidity that may be also be spicy. American coffees come from the following countries:

Balanced, Consistent, and Often Delicate Coffees!

American coffees are best to be very well-balanced and consistent. There are a range of flavors among the American coffee beans. For example, Bolivian coffee is known for its clean, classic taste with a bright and delicate acidity, fruity notes from apple to apricot, and sometimes mild chocolate flavors created by the roasting the green coffee beans.

South America is the closest coffee producing region to North America, making it unsurprising that a good portion of their exports end up in the United States and Canada. Colombia and Brazil are two of the most prolific coffee producers in the world, with vast mountain ranges and a climate ideal for coffee growing. While not always considered the top tier among importers, their beans constitute a substantial portion of blends from coffee roasters – used to balance out flavor and bring down costs.

South American coffee growers are beginning to process coffee cherries and sell them alongside the coffee as a product known as cascara. It has gained traction thanks to Starbucks introducing the cascara latte in early 2017. While not every country has started introducing it (coffee cherries are typically discarded as waste or used as organic fertilizer), we expect it to become more widely available in the coming years.

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Costa Rica Monte Crisol Coffee is best known for its silky body as much as its sweet including topnotes of blueberry and a buttery aftertaste. Guatemala Antigua Coffee is quite full-bodied (like the Guatemalan) for an American coffee, and is known for its rich and spicy flavors, sometimes almost velvety.

From Panama to Peruvian Coffee – Lovely Aromas!

Another great American coffee is Panama Geisha Coffee with its elongated coffee cherry that produces a light body, bright acidity, and jasmine-like aroma. The high-grown Peru Chanchamayo Coffee is soft and sweet, with a medium body and bright acidity.

These are just some of the many great American coffees you can explore in the Espresso Coffee Guide. Enjoy!

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