Zimbabwe Coffee Beans

Highly aromatic , Zimbabwe coffee is a medium-bodied with a medium density and lively berry-like or citrusy acidity. Typically wet processed (washed), a good Zimbabwe coffee is well-balanced with a rich flavor and fine aftertaste.

Region: Chipinga
Growing Altitude: 900-1,100 meters
Variety: Caltimor
Harvest Period: May – September
Milling Process: Washed, Sun Dried
Aroma: Chocolate, Sweet
Flavour: Sweet, Chocolatey, Woody, Winey
Body: Full
Acidity: Bright

In particular, coffee from the Chipinge region is respected. On the continent of Africa, Chipinge coffee is exceeded in quality perhaps only by Kenyan coffees. Though technically below the altitude that qualifies as Strictly High Grown (SHG) / Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) at 900-1,1000 meters, the longitude provides a climate that is more closely related to an altitude of about 1,600 meters.

Chipinge coffee exemplifies a fine East African coffee, exhibiting a vibrant and winey acidity that proves the superb cup presence of a premium gourmet coffee.

Coffee Farming in Zimbabwe

While some Zimbabwe coffees may not be as rich or full-bodied as a fine Kenyan coffee, Zimbabwe’s coffee quality is good and improving with increased exports to the United States in recent years. Most of the country’s coffee is grown on medium-sized farms.

In addition, Zimbabwe provides a nice variation on the Kenya and East African theme of winey acidity though with slightly less acidity. Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia.

The hot climate of the Chipinge region along with the plentiful rainfall, averaging about 1,1000 mm per year, provides good conditions for growing coffee as well as tea and macadamia nuts. Also see Zimbabwe Coffee.

Chipinge Coffee Growing Region

Chipinge (formerly Chipinga) is a prime coffee-growing region in Zimbabwe’s southern Eastern Highlands on the southeastern border of the country in the province of Manicaland near Mozambique. Most Zimbabwe coffee is grown here.

Characteristics of Zimbabwe Chipinge Coffee

Chipinge coffee exemplifies a fine East African coffee, exhibiting a vibrant and winey acidity that proves a superb cup presence.

Coffee from the Chipinge region is respected and, on the continent of Africa is exceeded in quality perhaps only by Kenyan coffees.

Zimbabwe Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

For great tips on brewing the perfect cup of Zimbabwe coffee see the Espresso Coffee Guide’s section on Coffee Brewing.

For easy to follow instructions on making great Zimbabwe espresso drinks see Espresso Drink Recipes and the How to make Lattes and Cappuccinos. You will love these helpful tips on Pulling A Perfect Espresso Shot.

A premium gourmet coffee, Chipinge is rated second only to Kenyan coffee among East African coffees and they are similar in some respects.


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