Ethiopian Harrar Longberry Coffee Beans

A dry processed (unwashed) Ethiopian coffee that is a grade of Harrar coffee beans which is bigger than Harrar Shortberry or Harrar Mocha (peaberry coffee beans).

Cuppers (professional coffee tasters) debate whether the coffee bean’s size necessarily affects the taste of the brewed coffee.

Dry Processing Produces “Power House” Coffee

While some Ethiopian coffees such as the Yirgacheffes are wet processed, and exhibit citrus and floral notes, the Harrars are very different, considered wild due to the tastes that are allowed to impart to the coffee bean during dry processed as the fruit dries on the bean rather than being washed off as in wet processing.

The Harrar coffees are considered to be power house coffees. They exhibit a very bold taste that seems to resonates deep within the cup.

The Harrars are also dried in the sun, enhancing the beans’ complexity and fruity flavors that sometimes come through in muted tones, perhaps hints of blueberry and apricot. The aroma of Harrars can be intense and makes it an attractive choice for adding to espresso blends.

A good Ethiopian Harrar coffee will often have a very interesting dry edge that provides a pleasant quality. The coffee’s finish may include a hint of fermentation and sometimes tones of jasmine. Also see Ethiopian Coffee.

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