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Welcome to the World’s Best Coffee and Espresso Terms!

A Coffee Dictionary, Coffee Encyclopedia, and Coffee Glossary providing detailed information about every major gourmet coffee from around the world as well as lesser-known exotic coffees.

Also included are Organic Coffees, Fair Trade Coffees, Bird Friendly Coffees, and Shade-Grown Coffees.

A Learning Tool For Gourmet Coffee Connoisseurs!

Coffee has its own language, and this coffee and espresso glossary comprehensively explains that extensive and distinct vocabulary used to describe all of the flavor and aroma characteristics, as well as coffee plant cultivars (botanical varieties), coffee cherry (fruit), coffee beans, harvesting, processing – including fermentation, drying, milling, hulling/husking, polishing, aging, sorting, and grading.

From Soil to Sip, From Bean to Brew!

Also covered is coffee roasting, packaging, storing, grinding, and brewing coffee as well as detailed information about specialty coffees from all over the globe.

A Learning Tool For Gourmet Coffee Connoisseurs!

Coffee tasting terms describe precisely what is perceived by the human senses including the distinct flavors, aromas, body (mouthfeel), acidity, bitterness/sweetness, and finish/aftertaste as well as the coffee’s origin flavors and also the flavors developed in the roast.

A Learning Tool for Coffee Trade Workers

Also included in this coffee and espresso glossary is extensive information about decaffeinated coffee, instant coffee, coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee roasters, home roasting, coffee brewing.

Espresso brewing and espresso machines are also extensively covered along with steaming and frothing milk, recipes for espresso-based specialty coffee drinks (espresso drinks) and espresso cuisine, and detailed barista knowledge.

Coffee Companies and Organizations

Also included are Coffee Companies, Organic and Fair Trade Organizations, Coffee Websites and Coffee Associations, Organizations, and Boards.

Exotic Coffees from Around the World

Among the coffees described by the Espresso Coffee Guide Coffee Terms are all of the finest coffees in the world such as Tanzania PeaberryEthiopian Harrar LongberryYemen Mocha Mattari,Indonesia SumatraSulawesi TorajaPanama GeishaJamaica Blue MountainSumatra MandhelingGuatemala Antigua, and many more – every top gourmet coffees making this glossary an essential guide for Baristas and Coffee Cuppers (Professional Coffee Tasters).

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