New Guinea Sigri Coffee Beans

New Guinea Sigri coffee is one of the most distinguished Papua New Guinea coffees, exhibiting a well-balanced, modestly rich taste with a fruity aroma. It’s physically connected to West Guinea, and Vanuatu is a nearby coffee-growing island.

Review: New Guinea Sigri Coffee

Sometimes earthy in its body, Sigri is not quite as full-bodied as a Sumatran coffee or as aromatic as a fine Sulawesi Toraja, yet just as fruity as a Sulawesi coffee and with a pleasantly exotic quality that makes for a classic brewed cup.

New Guinea Coffee Growing and Processing

New Guinea coffees are wet processed (washed) coffees.

New Guinea coffee is grown in the mountain highlands of Papua New Guinea, mostly on small plantations that are sometimes called peasant patches because peasants do the coffee plant cultivation.

Other New Guinea Coffee Regions

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New Guinea Sigri Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

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