Hawaii Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans

Hawaiian Kona Peaberry Coffee

A Hawaii Kona Peaberry is a Kona coffee cherry (fruit) that encases one whole coffee bean rather than the usual two half-beans. Under the Kona coffee grading system, these Kona Peaberry are classified as Type II while cherry containing two half-beans are classified as Type I.

Peaberries are not necessarily better than the other grades (Fancy, Prime), they’re simply less rare. They’re sorted out during the sorting process so that roasters can ensure a consistent roast, as their unique size would cause an uneven roast development if mixed with standard beans.

Review: Hawaii Kona Peaberry Coffee

Valued for their robust flavor, Kona Peaberry are the rarest type of coffee beans and have a higher density than Type I Kona coffee beans. Coffee brewed from Hawaii Kona Peaberry is known to have a smooth consistency and rich aroma.

Grades of Type II Kona Coffee

Grades of Type II Kona coffee include Peaberry Prime and Peaberry Number One, sorted by size, moisture content, and purity of bean type.

Kona Peaberry Beans Density

From one to eight percent of any crop are peaberry coffee beans, and they are said to have a higher density as well as more concentrated, robust flavor, rich aroma and with a distinct acidity – brighter yet lighter – than non-peaberry coffee beans from the same crop.

This may be due to the peaberry’s ability to get more nutrients from the coffee plant while developing within the coffee cherry. The peaberry bean may also roast differently due to its different shape.

The “Champagne of Kona Coffee”

Peaberry are typically separated from the rest of the coffee crop and sold as a higher grade of coffee bean. Kona Peaberry beans are considered the “champagne of Kona coffee” and usually sell for a higher price.

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Hawaii Kona Peaberry Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

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