Funny Coffee Sayings and Quotes

Funny Coffee Sayings some countries have

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“Coffee and tobacco,” says a Turkish proverb, “are complete repose.”

“Coffee has two virtues,” proclaims an old Dutch saying, “it is wet and warm.”

“Coffee and love,” states a German proverb, “are best when they are hot.”

“Coffee is our national misfortune,” said a Brazilian coffee farmer in 1934.

Espresso is to Italy,” a gourmet coffee lover once said, “what champagne is to France.”

“You can’t take the milk,” so goes a Jamaican proverb, “back from the coffee.”

“An American will go to hell,” says a United States proverb, “for a cup of coffee.”

“The best specialty coffee in Europe is Vienna coffee,” someone once said, “compared to which all other coffee is fluid poverty.”

“All of the premium coffee in Colombia,” someone once said, “won’t make me a morning person.”

“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups,” said Alex Levine, adding “alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.”

“The first cup is for the guest,” says an old Arabic saying about coffee, adding “the second for enjoyment, the third for the sword.”

“The city of New Orleans with its famous coffee and beignets, Jazz Music and beautiful architecture,” said Bill Burke, “will be back like never before.”

“China traditionally has been a tea-drinking country,” said Starbucks leader Howard Schultz adding, “but we turned them into coffee drinkers.”

“Nescafe,” says a Mexican saying, “no es cafe.” (This means that instant coffee is not real coffee.)

“We prefer the loss of the coffee,” said Nicaraguan politician Jaime Wheelock, “to the loss of the country.”

“O Coffee, thou dost dispel all care,” said a 1511 Arabic poem adding, “thou art the object of desire to the scholar.”

“I’ll drink Juan Valdez’s coffee,” said Gary Gollehon, “but I don’t want to ride his burro.”

“A cup of coffee,” says a Turkish Proverb, “commits one to forty years of friendship.”

“Men should be like coffee,” says a Dutch proverb, adding “hot, sweet, and strong.”

“The most stunning thing you can do is to go to Riyadh [the capital of Saudi Arabia] and walk around the streets downtown,” said Thomas Lippman. “After you have had lunch at McDonald’s, coffee at Dunkin Donuts and shopped at Saks Fifth Avenue, one has to wonder if they actually hate Americans or not.”

“Good coffee may come from Arabia or India, from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, or via France with an admixture of chicory,” said British write Dame Agnes Graham Jekyll, “but its flavor and excellence will be derived from daily careful roasting and grinding, a truism universally admitted and habitually disregarded.”

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