How to Make a Cafe Mocha

Cafe Mochas are an American invention akin to creamy and sweet cappuccinos with chocolate powder or cocoa. Chocolate blends best when you make a Cafe Mocha with an Italian espresso blend. The Italian espresso will balance the chocolate while maintaining a bold coffee flavor. The Cafe Mocha is perfect to enjoy on weekends for a sweet celebratory treat!

What you need for a Cafe Mocha

  • Dark Roast Italian Coffee
  • Hot chocolate powder or syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • Milk – your preference


  1. Steam or froth milk
  2. Separate the milk and foam
  3. Add chocolate powder to the steamed milk and beat with a whisk
  4. Pull espresso shot
  5. Pour chocolate milk over espresso
  6. Top with foam and whipped cream if desired

For Cafe Mochas, choose your own milk! Skim milk is a good low-calorie option, but full-fat milk will create a creamier more decadent drink. Steam and froth the milk just as you would for a Cappuccino or Latte. Lattes have a flat foam layer because the milk consistency runs as a liquid whereas cappuccinos have a thick foam layer. How you froth your milk depends on your total fluid volume and preference.

The chocolate that you add to this drink will depend on preference. For minimum sweetness choose a high-quality cocoa powder, for maximum sweetness pick a hot chocolate syrup. Other alternatives include white chocolate powder or syrup. Once you have separated the milk and foam, add your chocolate to the milk and beat with a whisk. Conversely, you can heat the milk on a stove top with the hot chocolate before steaming it all together.

Pull your espresso shot the same way you would for any coffee. A well-pulled espresso with Crema will add depth and luxury to your chocolate. Grind fresh espresso and tamp it, let it breathe and tamp again. Clean the portafilter and filter basket to create a proper seal around the group head and give a smooth pour to your espresso.

Pouring your milk and chocolate mixture over the Italian espresso shot, add the foam on top. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings, cinnamon or top with whipped cream.

If you are looking for nondairy options to make a Caffe Mocha, the most comparable regarding texture and density will be almond milk. You will get the same consistency and accents from the chocolate with almond milk as you would if you used regular milk. The Cafe mocha brings together childhood memories of hot chocolate and the satisfying taste of coffee into one dynamic drink.