Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Annual Kona Coffee Festival Celebrates All Things Coffee

From November 4, 2011 until November 13, 2011 the Kona region will be celebrating the 41st annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

An amazing array of events will take place throughout the greater Kona region from the slopes of Kona Coffee Country to Kailua-Kona town as part of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

Special Kona Coffee Farm Tours are arranged during this time, there is a celebrated coffee-picking contest, there are art shows and local crafts of all types, there is a website contest related to Kona Coffee, and there are professional coffee tasting events for visitors as well as the judges who will decide on the year’s best Kona coffees.

Celebrating the History of Kona Coffee

The Kona Coffee Festival also includes events related to the history of Kona coffee including tributes to the pioneering Kona coffee farmers. Other events include coffee recipe and cooking contests and cultural parades. There is even a beauty pageant to support a scholarship.

Concerts and live music events top of the bill allowing everyone to celebrate Kona Coffee on the dance floor. The 41st annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival will take place from November 4, 2011 to November 13, 2011.

International Lantern Parade is Part of Coffee Cultural Festival

An International Lantern Parade starts the festival in earnest after an opening concert. The parade features ethnic costumes and goes from Kailua Pier to Hale Halawai in Kailua town along Alii Drive.

The parade is followed by multi-ethnic entertainment and coffee tastings, sumptuous foods and a very festive Bon dance. Other events during the ten-day Kona coffee festival include a Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll and the Miss Kona Coffee Scholarship Pageant to crown Miss Kona Coffee and also Miss Aloha Hawaii 2010.

The Famous Kona Coffee Picking Contest

The Kona coffee picking contest invites beginners as well as experts and offers cash prizes to whoever has mastered the art of picking the coffee cherry (coffee fruit) from the coffee plant. At the Kona Coffee Recipe Contest you can experience the tasteful creations of culinary students.

Another event takes you on the Kona Coffee Living History Farm Tour to step back in time to the early days of Kona coffee farming. A separate Kona Coffee Farm & Mill Tour visits several delightful Kona coffee farming operations.

Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

Perhaps the most prestigious event of the Kona Coffee Festival is the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition beginning with preliminary rounds and proceeding to the finals where an international panel of judges determines the year’s best Kona coffees.

Art Exhibitions and Craft Workshops at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

A Kona Coffee Art Exhibit showcases the Kona lifestyle while a Kona Coffee Label and Website Competition champions the creative marketing of Kona coffee products. There is also a Kona Coffee Label Competition.

Among the many other fun events at the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is a Lauhala Weaving Workshop, Kona Coffee Quilt Contest, Kona Coffee Lei contest and various coffee-related workshops.

Cultural Events at the Kona Coffee Festival

Various cultural events take place throughout the ten days of the Kona Coffee Festival including cultural workshops, Master Drum Maker and Wood Carver exhibition, entertainment, and coffee tasting and coffee roasting events.

Finally there is an elegant evening featuring a dinner and benefit auction. Educational events, exhibitions by artisans, a bowling tournament and events to honor the elder Kona coffee farmers who have carried on this tradition through the many generations with great pride.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival ends with the Kona Coffee Grand Parade featuring floats adorned with colorful blossoms as well as marching bands, community groups, and horseback riders adorned in impressive costumes and flowers. A festive gathering awaits at the end of the parade.

Before during and after the Kona Coffee Festival you can venture up into historic Kona Coffee Country on your own visit any number of small family farms that welcome guests. For more information see Kona Coffee Farm Tours.

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