Coffee K-Cups

Anatomy of a K-Cup

A K-Cup® is a pre-packaged plastic container of coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is designed for use with a Keurig single cup brewing system that brews the beverage in less than one minute without any preparation or clean up needed.

The coffee K-Cup has a coffee filter inside, and ground coffee beans are sealed into the K-Cup plastic container with a tin foil lid.

How Coffee K-Cups Work

The K-Cup is placed into the Keurig brewer which then brews the coffee by puncturing the foil lid as well as the bottom of the K-Cup and forcing hot water through the cup, and then the beverage flows into a mug.

K-Cups are often referred to as K Coffee Cups, Coffee K Cups, and KCups.

K-Cup Coffee Choices

Hundreds of options are offered in Keurig K-Cups including numerous flavors and blends of coffee as well as Fair Trade coffee, organic coffee, flavored coffee, and coffees from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Kenya, Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

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For step-by-step instructions see Pulling A Perfect Espresso Shot as well as How to make Lattes and Cappuccinos.

For detailed definitions of coffee terminology see the Coffee and Espresso Glossary.  Also check out the World’s Best History of Coffee.

2 thoughts on “Coffee K-Cups

  1. hi there i was in the starbucks store and got two plastic cups . they keep your drink hot or cold they were not a cheap cup and you get what you pay for . we just love them so much they are the best cup around. amazing. one problem is the straws can you bought them and replace them. the straws get old and you cant used them any more. can you please let me know where we can buy more straws. we payed 22.50 for the cups and feel like we need new straws please help us out . thank so very much . annemarie pratt

  2. I prefer the coffee that I’ve roasted at home, so I bought two refillable K-cups from Amazon. Not only does it taste better, but there’s no throwaway of the little cups.

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