Storing Coffee

Optimal Coffee Storing Techniques

To optimally preserve the natural flavors and aromas, a premium gourmet coffee should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place in a sealed container that limits exposure to open air. When stored properly, coffee will stay fresh for weeks or even months.

Freezing Coffee Degrades Fine Flavors

Avoid putting unprotected coffee beans or ground coffee in the freezer because the porous coffee beans will absorb moisture as well as flavors from other foods in the freezer, deteriorating the coffee’s taste and the delicate aroma.

Coffee beans protected in one-way valve seal bags only allows gas to escape the bag rather than enter – this will prevent the flavor being muddled.

Preserving Essential Coffee Oils and Delicate Scents and Nuances

Freezing also breaks down the essential volatile oils that were released during the coffee roasting process, removing the delicate scents and harming the subtle layered flavors created during roasting by the caramelizing of the natural sugars of the coffee beans.

If you do store coffee in the freezer, added harm to the coffee’s flavor will occur if you take it out of the freezer and then return it again. Refrigerating coffee is even worse for the flavors than freezing the beans.

Store Whole Bean Coffee – Fresh Grind Your Coffee

Ideally coffee should be stored as whole bean coffee because ground coffee loses its freshness and flavor quicker than whole bean coffee.

Coffee and Espresso Brewing Tips

For tips on brewing the most outstanding cup of coffee and enjoying all of its fine flavors and aromas see our section on Coffee Brewing. You can also read detailed coffee flavor profiles of Gourmet Coffees and instructions on preparing Espresso Drink Recipes.

For step-by-step instructions on producing the ultimate espresso shot and espresso-based specialty coffee drinks see Pulling A Perfect Espresso Shot as well as How to make a Latte.

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