Starbucks Trenta – Starbuck Thirst Quencher New Trenta Size

Consumers Asked For It and They Got It – The Huge New Trenta Size Satisfied Thirst!

Starbuck Coffee Market Report: This is the big whopper, the thirty-one ounce cold cup size offered by Starbucks for their Tazo iced tea and iced coffee. And even though it is so huge an unsweetened version still only nets you about 90 calories and 230 if sweetened, which is still far less than some of the smaller coffee beverages.

Starbucks introduced the new size in response to customer requests as it noted through its My Starbucks Idea link. Customers were enjoying the iced tea and iced coffee beverages and wanted them in larger sizes.

Before the Trenta was introduced more than sixty percent of the iced tea customers were already ordering the largest size which was the Venti holding twenty-four ounces. The Trenta adds another seven ounces and costs fifty cents more.

Starbucks Trenta – Starbuck Thirst Quencher New Trenta Size continued:

It has been noted that the Starbucks Trenta size, totaling 916 milliliters, is actually bigger than the human stomach, which has a typical size of 900 milliliters. Possibly falling into the category of “too much information,” the human bladder holds about 500 milliliters.

Quench Your Thirst with the New Starbucks Trenta Size continued:

The world Trenta is Italian for “thirty” even though the cup holds thirty-one ounces. Consumers should have their thirst very well quenched by the new Trenta sized beverages.

And for what it is worth? An adult human bladder, when full, holds about 500ml of fluid (or about 16.9 fluid ounces). Think about that the next time a barista asks you what size you’d like.

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